Nite Flat Sheet

This extremely smooth, thin and light cotton fabric (70 grams/metre) has become one of the favourite materials for several of the Society Limonta home couture collections.

The Nite sheet is made from an extra-fine cotton Italian grandmothers call it egg skin for its extreme softness and resilience. It s both very practical and a soft, uplifting embrace around your body. The sheets can be machine washed at 40 , are fast-drying and don t need to be ironed.

Thanks to the wide colour range, Nite Sheets can be matched to all the bed collections, but they go particularly well with froiss linen, both from a colour point of view and for the typical mix & match style that is at the heart of the Society Limonta philosophy a love of combining different types of fabric and shades of colour.

74.0 gr./mq.
cm 270 290 106 x114

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