Product Care Advice

Take Care

Made In Limonta

In a world in which the delocalisation of production processes is inevitable, Society Limonta is unique in that it is part of a supply chain that is not just Made in Italy but actually ‘Made in Limonta’. The Limonta Group was created in 1893 in Costa Masnaga, near Lecco, in one of the main Italian textile regions. During its over 100 years in business, the company became one of the most prestigious Italian textile companies.

How The Product Is Born


From The Verb To The Weave

The path from ‘theory to practice’ means working with our looms. The actual creation of a textile requires the selection of the finest yarns and research into styles, material and workmanship.

Garment Dyeing

Taking Care From Start To Finish

Choosing such a refined procedure is merely the last step in a process that pays attention to every last detail. Garment dyeing has the particular feature of enabling the creation of absolutely unique products in terms of nuances of colour.

Brand Equity

Producing Sustainably

Society Limonta has focused on environmental concerns in its production for years. Our collections are made using electricity generated through photovoltaic panels and in order to reduce our energy consumption our heating requirements are satisfied by high-efficiency energy recovery systems that guarantee yields of close to 100%.

10 Basic Rules