Eco Living with Alfresco Home and Garden – Auckland

Eco living is something we all keep in the back of my minds, therefore if we find a product that gives us the satisfaction that we are doing something for our planet then we do consider that option.

Come into Alfresco Living  (Auckland) and have a look at these  products.  Social responsiblity need not be boring with our great range of cleverly designed eco products.

This Eco Collection features upcycled wine bottle containers, triple-milled shea butter bar soap and fragrance diffusers packaged in wood veneer tubes. The candle range is beautifully crafted with divine fragrances such as Citrus and Rosemary, Bordeaux and fig, Bamboo and Green Tea, just to name a few. With such beautiful product to choose from, here at Alfresco we make gift buying so much easier for you.

Made from Bamboo, this disposable range of Eco Tableware from Japan is ideal for any event taking single-use table wear to a whole new level. From an elegant party or wedding, a casual get together, or maybe a lunch in the garden, these simple but very stylishly designed plates are perfect for both standing or seated events where either hot or cold food is served.

These sturdy and durable plates come in 4 sizes, the larger plates are most suited for serving dinner, and perfect for antipasto and cheese platters . The smaller sizes will look amazing whether it be an entree or dessert and for those bite sized canopies served in the garden with Champagne for that fabulous pre-Christmas get together.

Using this eco product for plating is very different, do you dare to use it for that upcoming event? Of course you do – complete with knife, fork and spoon, cups, tumblers and bowls you simply put it all in the bin when finished and join your friends.

As the sun goes down and conversation is flowing now is the time for you to light your candles, both indoors and out, to add a further touch of ambience to your perfect evening. These beautiful long-burning, soot-free and lavishly fragranced candles are made of natural plant and NZ beeswax and will create a unique paper-like shell as the candles burn.

If you are still sitting around the dinner table the candles will be perfect to complete your dining experience and guess what – there is no cleaning up!

Made of natural plant and New Zealand beeswax, the sparkling crystalline structure creates a unique paper-like shell as the candles burn. Our Granite range candles are long-burning, soot-free and lavishly fragranced.

Our Granite Icicles, Pillars, and Orbs do not melt in the sun and make excellent outdoor candles.

What an experience your guests have had? Come visit us at Alfresco Auckland and experience our wonderful ambience while you view the other eco products we have in store for your eco friendly Alfresco gathering.

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