Alfresco Design Service

We create beautiful spaces.

Do you love your home but struggle to see how to use space more effectively? Do you want to modernise your space with texture, colour and light?

At Alfresco we provide a special in-home design service, where we use our eye for detail to offer tips and ideas for how to make your space beautiful.

We can help you: 

  • Make the best use of light and colour
  • Add warmth, texture, and ambience into a room
  • Find ways to make better use of space
  • Mix fabrics and patterns to stunning effect
  • Find the perfect finishing touches to complement your space
  • Create or choose the perfect furniture to suit your home and lifestyle

We can also put you in touch with the perfect people to help maintain your home and garden.

Find out how we can help you – call Carol on 09 309 3643.

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